ISO 9001:2015

The quality of our work, we crowned the beginning of 2010. The introduction of ISO Standard 9001: 2008, which we renovated in 2016 with the latest ISO Standard 9001: 2015. Obtaining ISO 9001 certification allows us to implement system-defined business processes, resulting in a long-term, strategic business improvement. Also, in 2016 we received a AAA credit rating certificate of excellence, which puts us in the top home economy.

About Us

Welcome to the official web presentation of our company, Grba-Prpic d.o.o. which offers a wide range of transport services. We wish You a pleasant stay at our website, and hope You will be served with all the information You need. Please feel free to contact us, if any additional information is needed! The company Grba-Prpic d.o.o. was founded in 1995. by our family, with the aim to give quality transport services to our customers in international transport.Since we constantly tend to follow new standards and technologies, we are proud to say, that nowadays we run a middle sized company, with 20 vehicles and 30 employees.

Grba-Prpic d.o.o. spreads on a surface of 4000 m2 with a management building, including a kitchen and a restaurant for our own use, and storage facilities. We also own a gas station, which is built by the latest technology standards. We plan to reconstruct the existing, and build new storage facilities for the goods we transport, which would be under customs supervision. We also have insurance policies for all of our vehicles up to 300 000 EUR per vehicle. The best proof of our quality is the number of satisfied customers and partners, and the fact that most of them our with us since the early days of our company. Our vehicles with the highest Euro standards transport all kinds of commercial goods from - and to all countries of West, Middle and East Europe, including Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain and France.